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Have you published a Christian Romance book? Christian Book Marketing can help you market your Christian title by placing it on 100 separate Christian sites within the Christian Marketplace. Sites that all have great content, that showcase other authors and that have a national and international presence.
Christian Book Marketing can help you get the exposure that you need. From book reviews, to book review marketing, author press releases and distribution, video book trailers, author blogs and website creations to expanded author book marketing, make Christian Book Marketing your #1 choice for all your marketing needs.

From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope

"From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope" by Author Antionette Campbell, comes an amazing true story of triumph over indescribable and horrific tragedy. Antionette Campbell's life was filled with abuse from a very young age. Then at the age of 11 she witnessed a horrific crime perpetrated against her mother by her drunken father. In a rage, her father stabbed her mother 3 times in the head as she watched her mother lifeless and what seemed to be left for dead. Exasperating the horrific event, her and all the other children were put into foster care. Later the event was to be relived as she was forced to testify against her own father.

As the author began to share her heart and trials, this brilliant combination of poetry and story was the outlet to her healing from the pit of despair that entrapped her most of her life. God's saving grace compelled her to fill the beautifully written pages in giving hope to the end to those that are wounded and broken spiritually.

Antionette Campbell has done various interviews and radio shows to include Joyce Bender on Disability Matters, Cornerstone Television Network, Word FM, Moms on a Mission to Stop Violence just to name a few and is a member and speaker for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network). In going "On Tour" with her book has expanded in attending at the national events such as the 2011 International Christian Retail Show and 2011 Frankfurt International Book Fair.

Antionette Campbell declares the healing power of Christ. She states, it doesn't matter who you are or how deep you have fallen into despair or how tight the chains of bondage that may have a strong hold in your life. God's power will set you free and transform you from the inside into a new journey that's only found in Christ. The testimonials of this proof resonates continually through those letters she's received that have encountered and embraced the availability of God's hand in this book for us all.

Author Antionette Campbell is available for various speaking engagements to include youth camps, churches and women conferences as well. She is open to both national and international engagements. Some of the proceeds will be allocated to the Washington City Mission.

If you would like to contact Antionette Campbell, her preferred contact information is: P.O. Box 4131, Washington, PA 15301. She can also be reached by cell phone at: 412.216.2806 and her email address is: You may also visit her authors website at Antionette Campbell

Take It From a Author's Perspective

Christian Book Marketing did a great job in putting together a trailer and review for my new book, Angel with a Mission. I was impressed with the mixture of professionalism and personal care, as well as the time that was invested in my book promotion. It seemed that they went above and beyond the call by giving me additional advice as I needed it with my first book. The trailer they put together was amazing, and I have had several comments on it. I love the Christian sites that they posted my book on, and I am looking forward to reaping the rewards of their work. ~ Author Donna Boddy

Author Perspectives

I recently learned about Christian Book Marketing through an internet search for book reviewers. As a new author, I am careful about who I partner with for marketing my books. Smitty answered my questions quickly and patiently. Before I even purchased the package, he was helping me with my blog. From the beginning, I felt that he had my best interest at heart. He went way beyond what was promised and expected. He reviewed my books as a professional and included his 6 year old's opinion of the children's books. You just can't get a better endorsement than that. I am very grateful that I found him and plan to use his service in the future.

Author Theresa Franklin

Book Editing from a Author's Perspective

CBM Christian Book Marketing was a God-send for "Revival: The True Fairy Tale". We asked for just lite editing, but they went far and beyond what we asked for, putting aside time trying to help us with the editing of our book. Smitty kept us informed and guided us through the editing process which we deeply appreciated. Their love of God's Holy Word and helping people to achieve their calling in literary works for God's Kingdom is amazing. We highly recommend Christian Book Marketing Book Editing Services for all your Christian literary needs.

Christian Authors, You'll Love The Healing Source

Hello Authors,
If you are like me you love spending time at a quality web site or blog that is filled with wise counsel, Kingdom principles, the Word of God, encouragement and blessings. Sometimes when my day comes to a close after being online working for endless hours I unwind by taking in content from a great web site or blog. Well, here is one ministry that is a breath of fresh air and worthy of spending time at.
The Healing Source is a must visit ministry.
Also, remember to visit Christian Book Marketing for all your author promotions and book marketing needs. From book reviews to press releases to expanded online author promotions, Christian Book Marketing can help you get the Word out.

National, International and the US Book Market for Overseas Authors

Do you live in a country outside of the US? If so marketing your books in the US could help you to increase sales. Creating a national and international marketing campaign should be every authors game plan. Of course if you are on some of the major online bookstores that's wonderful. However, here is fuel for thought. How many other authors and books are in those data basis and what are the chances of someone performing a search with your name as author, by your book title or ISBN number?

If you are looking to tap into the US book market and create some online author promotions and book marketing contact Christian Book Marketing. They can create a marketing plan that will put your book, book description, your cover shot and a link back to your authors site or any other page that you want on 100 sites within 24 to 48 hours. They also do author press releases, book reviews, book trailer productions, article releases, create author websites and offer other great author book related services.

Author Press Release Package and Prices

Press Releases come in all shapes and forms and with promises attached. Get your book in the hands of top television and radio producers. Our Press Releases are sent out to thousands of radio and television sources. Press Release released to over 10,000 outlets.

OK, ask yourself a question. Now do you really think that Press Release service sent out 10,000 emails? Or how about that get your book in front of thousands of radio and television sources. What do they do hand deliver them?

The reality is that while Press Release can be written and released, there is no guarantee that it will get read. It is the same with a musician sending a demo tape to Capitol Records. The mail service will deliver it, however, that doesn't mean it will ever be heard.

Another question? How many press releases are released per day? How about hourly? Endless thousands. Now do you think that there are thousands upon thousands of people reading press releases every minute of the day? I guess it's possible.

What about these prices of $495.00 to $800.00 to write and release a Press Release? Now does that sound like a deal? I guess if you get a slot on Larry King Live or some other great television show that it could turn into a good deal. Let's be honest though, right. And how many books do you have to sell to recoup an investment of $495.00 to $800.00?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against Press Release. We also write and distribute Author Press Releases. We just don't try to send our kids to college on your hard earned dollars. Everything has a worth, however, many times people are being taken advantage of simply because the deal sounds like a great deal, however, that is not always the case.

If you are looking for a Authors Press Release, contact Christian Book Marketing's Press Release Service. We can create a professional Press Release, post it on up to 100 sites, plus submit the Press Release for publication to various Press Release sites and for far less than the above mentioned prices.

Authors Don't Pay High Prices for Book Marketing Services

There are some book publishing firms out there that offer marketing ad ons to their publishing packages. Press releases, book trailer productions and other marketing needs. The problem is not the services, but the prices. The services are way over priced and the first time and inexperienced author just doesn't understand enough about the industry to realize that they are paying way to much money for those services.

Here is a perfect example. Author business cards, flyer's, post cards and other marketing tools. Way over priced. You end up paying top dollar for something that you can get for less than half the cost. Check out for all your author and business printing needs. You can get quality printing and save lots of money.

If you are looking for book marketing services without paying through the nose. Check out Christian Book Marketing for your press release, book review, and book trailer production needs. They also offer expanded online marketing and can showcase your book on hundreds of sites that tap into the Christian Marketplace. Compare their services and prices with others and you will be surprised at how much online marketing you can get for much less than others are charging.

Kingdom Book Reviews for the Christian Author

As a Christian author I'm sure that you are looking for someone of faith to review your Christian title. Just image having a secular book reviewer review your Christian title. The end results could be disastrous.

At Christian Book Marketing we review Christian titles not just from a reviewers perspective. We review them from a Kingdom perspective.

It's very important to have a Christian reviewer review your Christian title. It's equally important that the review not only knows the Word of God, but also shares a relationship with God and understands Kingdom principles.

Christian Manuscript Proof Reading, Copy Editing and Formatting

Professional Proof Reading and Copy Editing

Whether you're in the process of completing your manuscript or you're struggling to perfect it, our professional Editing Services will help you to perfect your work and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that everything has been double checked and fine tuned!

Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Formatting

Our manuscript editing services will help to clean up your work and fine tune it to perfection. We will help you to identify and correct any weak points or other issues page by page.

Upon completion you will have a much more professional manuscript that is much stronger and that will be free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, typographical errors and other errors that could greatly hinder your publication and success.

We do not rewrite your story. You will be able to see what suggestions and changes we have made giving you the final say so. You are the author, it's your book and we understand the endless hours and hard work that you have put forth.

PROOFREADING involves reading and finding typographical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, formatting inconsistencies and making those corrections.

COPY EDITING covers all the above, but also includes correcting grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tones, and format. There is light copy editing, medium copy editing and what is considered heavy copy editing.

FORMATTING — addresses style, chapter formatting (check for correct page numbers, table of contents, margins, headings, spacing, indentations / paragraphs, quotes, references, proper use of blank pages, footnotes / end notes).

Regardless of whether you are self publishing, using a print on demand publisher or submitting your manuscript to a publisher for consideration, professional proofreading and editing can make a huge difference.
Other services include book reviews, author press releases, book trailer productions and expanded author promotions and book marketing.

Christian Book Marketing's Editing Services

For further information and pricing contact us at

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