The Gospel of If by multi-published and award winning authors, Edward J. Mrkvicka Jr. and Kelly H. Mrkvicka

Title: The Gospel of If
By: Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly H. Mrkvicka
Review Date: October 21, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0

The Gospel of If by multi-published and award winning authors, Edward J. Mrkvicka Jr. and Kelly H. Mrkvicka, addresses the delicate issue of salvation and eternity through the lens of obedience and understanding God's Word.  This book is not for the faint hearted; Mrkvicka "sticks" to the Word of God as the "infallible" Word of God.  He states that according to moral decay and negligence of the Word of God, many who think they are on their way to Heaven, simply will find a completely different answer upon Judgment Day.  Therefore, the biblical doctrine of "If" needs to be applied to our daily lives.  The author unequivocally states that God gave us many promises, "if" we care to listen and follow directions.  Based on Scripture with thought-provoking assessments according to the Holy Scripture, the authors have published a work that preaches the gospel of repentance –that has been preached since the time of Christ, yet has been ignored, distorted and forgotten about in our modern day society where that which pleases man seems to trump God's Word.  Reading this book will not only challenge the average believer in Christ to dig deeper into God's Word, but brings conviction to many skeptics and non-believers alike, leading them to the free gift of grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Edward Mrkvicka unapologetically explains his position and why he writes with "tough love" – so that readers would come to know the truth and be set free – "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32).  The authors' desire is that readers will grasp God's Word and apply it to their lives, changing the course of their eternity.  He believes largely, as a whole, society has either misunderstood, ignored or just flat out rebelled against God's Word.  Rich with Scripture, Mrkvicka writes with a father's heart in addressing the most important question of all – Do you know where you will spend eternity?  With chapters such as: Understanding the Word of God, The Obvious, The Not So Obvious, The Somewhat Obscure, the author gives scripture upon scripture that proves the point that the Gospel of Christ is conditional.  He adamantly states that one cannot lay dormant, ignorant or complacent about the matter of salvation.  It is a free gift, but there are conditions…Yes, conditions that he lays out clearly and conscicely through Scripture. 

For those that desire "truth" from the Word of God, this book comes highly recommended.  Tackling this subject of "if" was no easy task, and Edward and Kelly Mrkvicka have done so in such a way that lays not condemnation, but brings all to repentance and to the Word of God as the only righteous standard.  Encouraging, one will find this book giving them an appetite for more of the "truths" of Scripture.  A highly recommended read! 

For more information about the author and his books, visit Edward F Mrkvicka Jr.. You may get your copy of The Gospel of If at Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores.

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Press Release - J. Mark Holland presents his new Bible study, Thrice Trumpeted Truths-Clearly Spoken 3 Times

A CBM Christian Author Press Release

October 2013, – J. Mark Holland presents his new Bible study, Thrice Trumpeted Truths-Clearly Spoken 3 Times.  Answering the question as to why thrice-trumpeted truths are significant and interwoven throughout the Scriptures, the author reveals a pattern that has meaning and function.  Unveiling a doctrinal truth that is often overlooked, even by biblical scholars, the author presents over 100 thrice-mentioned scripture in this study.  The author also takes a look as to why this pattern makes perfect sense as he compares the trinity and other functions of the universe to this amazing thrice truth.  This fascinating Bible study will take the reader through the Scripture, challenging the reader to take hold of the biblical truths presented that are pronounced and proclaimed in triplet.   

Develop a deeper knowledge of the Word and learn how to apply simple biblical truths to all areas of your life.  Wisdom gleaned from this book will help one to understand the nature of God, His character and give powerful biblical principles that are to be applied in life.  If you would like to draw deeper into God and His Word, this is a highly recommended study that can be used for Pastors as a resource guide, for small group leaders or for the individual.  One will be triply blessed by discovering the precious gems and nuggets thrice proclaimed by God himself. 

To find out more about author J. Mark Holland, please visit 3 Truths.  Get your copy of Thrice Trumpeted Truths-Clearly Spoken Three Times at Amazon.


Biblical Christianity: Truth or Delusion? by Dr. Mark M. Hanna

Mark M. Hanna, formerly a professor of philosophy for many years at California State University and Talbot School of Theology, releases Biblical Christianity: Truth or Delusion?  As a previous professor and instructor at the University of Southern California, he holds M.A. degrees in philosophy and world religions and a Ph.D. in philosophy. He earned his B.A. at the American University in Beirut while living there for four years and as such, he has lectured in numerous universities and theological seminaries across the globe. His works included: Crucial Questions in Apologetics and The True Path: Seven Muslims Make Their Greatest Discovery and his latest endeavor, Biblical Christianity: Truth or Delusion?

In Biblical Christianity: Truth or Delusion? Dr. Mark M. Hanna disputes the book: The Christian Delusion written by John Loftus and Dan Barker as he unequivocally dismantles each of their arguments one by one with precision.  This is a fascinating read that clearly reveals the fallaciousness of atheist contentions, pointing to their failed corroboration that carries further implications that provide positive evidence for biblical Christianity.  Within that the author discerns and presents a comprehensive theological and philosophical surmise from both biblical theologists and theories of many anti-Christians that are to be read carefully and understood in order to comprehend certain debates that coincide with one's destination and question of eternity. 

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CBM Christian Book Review - The Last Train at Sunset by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

Title: The Last Train at Sunset
By: Pearl Nsiah-Kumi
Review Date: October 3, 2013
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

The Last Train at Sunset by multi-published author Pearl Nsiah-Kumi presents to individuals the important question of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Poignantly presenting the Gospel through a series of short articles and poems, the author sheds light to the urgency of the matter and that "Today is the Day of salvation."  She encourages all to understand the urgency of the matter because all are appointed to die and eternity does await each individual whether you believe or don't believe. 

With much scripture and a firm biblical application, the author gives concise answers to the question of salvation, forgiveness of sins, eternity, Heaven, Hell.  Within this, she gives tools and practical application from scripture to help the believer in the walk with the Lord.  This a wonderfully encouraging read that inspires all to take hold of salvation and to not miss the last train at sunset. 

For further information visit the author at Pearl Kumi. You may get your copy of The Last Train at Sunset at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine-online bookstores.

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CBM Christian Author Press Release - Kassi L. Pontious of Alpine, Utah releases You’re Strong Enough

A CBM Christian Author Press Release
October 17, 2013

Christian author Kassi L. Pontious of Alpine, Utah releases You're Strong Enough - written to the youth of today this unique book combines insights from her own struggles in life, giving hope and encouragement to those that feel hopeless and lost.  Through a series of quests, readers are sent on a journey to find true purpose in life.  Biblical principles are given through the genre of a warrior from a heavenly kingdom.

Engaging, fast-paced and thought provoking, each quest presents answers and practical advice on the issues and daily struggles youth face today – such as forgiveness, purity, perseverance and faith.  Inspiring, uplifting and insightful, this book offers real hope presenting wisdom gleaned from the Bible; this book offers youth a new perspective on life here on Earth, encouraging them to go to their Heavenly Father and find purpose and their identity in God.   

Capturing readers through the genre of a kingdom warrior sent to Earth, the writer has woven a creative adventure that sheds light to the dynamics of the Kingdom of Heaven, Hell, our souls and the spiritual warfare that one can experience in life.  Kassi is a talented writer that has gained much wisdom and healing in her own life by applying the biblical principles presented in her book.  She candidly shares her journey and offers others a nudge in the direction towards leaning on God.  With a strong desire to assist others in finding their true identity, Kassi L. Pontious, presents a wonderfully entertaining and informative book that is a truly amazing read.  You won't want to put down this one down.  Pick up your copy today!

 Be sure to visit Kassi at her webiste Kassi Pontious.You may find Your'e Strong Enough by Kassi L. Pontious at Amazon, and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to view Kassi's video book trailer on YouTube.

A CBM Christian Author Press Release


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    Christian Author Glen Gibson's Not the Way You Thought It Would Be

    Christian Book News ...

    Author and pastor, Glen Gibson, speaks from over twenty years experience as a pastor in his new book, Not the Way You Thought It Would Be.  As a pastor, he is well acquainted with faith and what is supposed to look like.  As one who holds a B.A. in Religion from Vanguard University and a M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary, he is well versed in scriptural interpretation and application.  He has written this book to give hope and help to those traveling from faith to faith with God.  Through the life of Abraham, Gibson, demonstrates that a Christian's faith journey is similar.  There are valleys and mountaintops to discovering faith in God.  Come and discover what true biblical faith is according to the Bible.

    Gibson's keen insight into biblical concepts gives practical application into understanding what faith is and answers many of the questions that arise through the wanderings along the faith trail.  Many Christians have become discouraged and trapped by the unanswered prayers, delays and testing that come upon the narrow path.  Discover that you are not alone and that many, including the 'father of faith,' Abraham traversed this trail, yet found victory.  Not only was he found to be righteous, but he became a 'friend of God.'  Discover that you can be a friend of God as well.  Learn more about God, faith and trust through this uplifting scriptural read that will help readers discover their purpose in God, transitioning from the old into the new. 

    Highly recommended for new and mature believers alike, this book includes a study guide at the end of each chapter that facilitates individual study and/or can be used in a group setting.  A highly recommended read for those that feel burnt out and need help in understanding the journey they are on.

    For further information about Glen, his book and how to order, visit Glen L. Gibson.   You may also get your copy of Not the Way You Thought It Would Be at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and at NOOK Book. Be sure to visit Glen's blog for the latest news and updates.

    Icejacked by Author Adrian Hawkes

    Coincidence or Find of the Millennium!  Icejacked by Adrian Hawkes –

    Fascinating and captivating, this work of fiction begins with a group of climbers that have been reported missing.  As the search and rescue team is dispatched, they are determined to find the lost group.  Quickly, the rescue effort is concluded, as the group has made their way down the mountain via another route.  Relieved, the rescuers head down the mountain and make an amazing discovery.  No one's lives will ever be the same. 

    Finding an ancient human being encased in a slab of ice, Swiss PhD student Gerhardt Shynder is catapulted from his uneventful university life to lead the research team.  The plot gives way to a climatic drama as the ancient Roman is discovered to have a heartbeat upon thawing.  Known as Leddicus Palantina, Gerhardt develops a friendship with this intriguing specimen of a man and begins an implausible adventure that goes global and changes both their lives beyond recognition.

    With 6 books in print, Adrian Hawkes, lives in multi-racial North London and has spent his life traveling to every continent.  His entrepreneurial philanthropy has left a trail of schools, orphanages, refugee havens and foster care support, from as far as Sri Lanka, Kenya and continental Europe.  Icejacked is his first work of fiction.

    For further information about the author and his books, visit Adrian Hawkes.  You may get your copy of Icejacked at Amazon in hardcover, paperback or at Goodreads.  Be sure to visit Adrian Hawkes Blog,

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    Christian author Pamela Young's Me and Mary's Miracles

    Me and Mary's Miracles by Pamela Young tells the true story of an average mother residing in Sydney in the late 60's along with her husband and three sons.  Strange happenings begin to occur as the family experiences one tragedy after another beginning with the untimely death of her husband's mother.  Then, tragically the family is torn apart by the death of one of her son's from a drug overdose.  This is only the beginning of a string of deaths in the family over a period of eighteen months.  Suddenly, compassion comes from a source she neither asked for, nor knew existed.  Come find out about the compassion and comfort that came from another realm – the heavenly realm- that transformed her darkest days into her greatest triumph. 

    Author Pamela Young's states, "I was not brought up in the Catholic faith. My forefather was a convict sent out to Australia from England and religion had not played a great part in my family's history. One of the facts that make this true story so enthralling is that in today's society, Mary Our Lady, should suddenly appear and have such a profound impact on, just not me, but also my family and friends. Therefore this gift of miracles is available to everybody."

    For more information visit Pamela Young's website. You may get your copy of Me and Mary's Miracles by Pamela Young at Amazon.

    Another Christian Book Marketing Author's Article Blast sharing the goodness of God with the world.

    Calming the Storm Within by Author Jim Lange

    Title: Calming the Storm Within: How to Find Peace in this Chaotic World
    By: Jim Lange
    Review Date: October 3, 2013
    A Christian Book Review
    10.0 out of 10.0 stars

    Calming the Storm Within: How to Find Peace in this Chaotic World from multi-published Christian author, Jim Lange, offers readers the path to true inner peace according to the principles Jesus gave to live the abundant life. 

    This is the peace that surpasses understanding.  Outlining these principles in an easy-to-read manner, Jim Lange, presents his story that he would like to share with others that offers hope despite life's ever-changing circumstances. 

    As disciples of Jesus Christ we are not promised a life without troubles.  In fact, Jesus states that we will have trouble in this world.  The author has laid a biblical blueprint based on Scripture that WILL lead readers to peace, and also explains that Jesus came to save us from our sins, but He offers more than just going to Heaven.  We can attain peace if we learn to live and abide in Jesus, following all His teachings that offer hope and a new life filled with abundant joy that overflows to others.  A highly recommended read to find inner peace within the storms of life!

    Come and learn what Scripture has to say about the peace of God.  Inspiring and encouraging, this book is filled with sound biblical wisdom.  One will find within the pages that the presence of God leads to peace despite ALL circumstances.

    Calming the Storm Within: How to Find Peace in this Chaotic World is available at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores.  Lange has also included some great free resources at Calming The Storm Within.

    Jim Lange also serves as Chapter President of
    Truth at Work, where he facilitates monthly roundtable meetings with Christian business and ministry leaders in which they act as a board of advisors to one another in helping each other to grow professionally, personally and spiritually. Jim is also the founder and President of Five Feet Twenty – an organization that assists doctors and business owners in helping those they serve to grow closer to Jesus (delivered through a customized monthly magazine). He resides in Lambertville, Michigan with his wife and three children. 

    Book review by CBM Christian Book Reviews.