What About The Next Generation

From the Great State of Texas - Author, teacher, Lou V. Walker releases, Because the Lord is Your Shepherd.

We Must Teach Those in the Next Generation, giving insight to walking with and knowing personally the One true Living God, Jesus Christ. With wisdom and insight, this book also offers a biblical perspective to society’s woes and the sin that pervades cultures in the past and our present day society. 
With the help of the Holy Spirit, the author leads others to search the Scriptures to be able to identify the Son of God, encouraging all unto salvation.  Revealing the nature of God as the Son of Man who ransomed many, this uplifting book is about learning, and knowing God as your Shepherd, Savior and Redeemer – the One who is willing to work all things out for good (Romans 8:28).  One will begin to and comprehend the awesome privileges as a child of God reserved for those who seek and find Him.  Inspirational in nature, the book is filled with the rich and true promises of God that will bless your life now and forever. 

Understanding that your God is a righteous God is the first step in revealing life’s obstacles and overcoming them.  Ms. Lou V. Walker encourages all to stand firmly upon the Word of God and receive the blessings that come from being a child of God. 

You may get your copy of this wonderful book at the publisher, Outskirt Press and
fine online bookstores everywhere.

A Wonderfully Encouraging Read

A Psalms 37 Novel, High Noon Justice, is volume one of the author’s first Christian fiction novels.  

When wickedness surrounds you like a flood, be sure to know that God is in the midst of all your troubles and you can trust in Him.  This profound work of fiction sheds light on the justice of the Lord given to the righteous as His inheritance. 

Intriguing and fast-paced, this novel focuses on a family that has been in ministry for years and tells the story of betrayal, greed and self-fulfilling ambition that often gets in the way of God ordained plans.  Scarlett is about to get the jolt of a lifetime in which her pastor-elect husband, Carson Eugene Montgomery, declares a staggering announcement.  After five years of faithfully serving along his side, Carson has decided his that he has “other interests.”  That interest is replacing his wife, Scarlett, with none other than his latest conquest, Rebekkah Hudson.  

The story line continues as many characters come to life – some you love, some you will hate.  There are Scarlett’s parents-Bible quoting and preaching, and George Watson – the big joker.  Characters that will remind you of those in your past and shed light on the insidious human nature that sometimes tears churches and ministries apart. 

As for Scarlett – purpose is being birthed and learning to trust in the Lord with all her heart is difficult, but she perseveres and quickly understands the real meaning of Scripture, that faith is dead without works and hopes that justice will be served.     

High Noon Justice
Shakira R. Thompson
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

Be sure to order your copy of  High Noon Justice at Amazon or in Kindle Edition. You may visit the author at  Shakira Thompson where you will find some great ministry.

Angel Breath Books

Take a journey into the past, to a discovery that all endings have new beginnings.  A fast-paced novel by Nona Mae King unveiling true love and offering faith in the impossible, giving hope for a bright future, even for the most common of subjects -Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed - a time of innocence, leading to a blessed life.  

Drop by and visit Author Nona King at her website, Angel Breath Books where you will find further information about the author and her books.

Global News Release - Revelation: A Fresh Perspective by Larry Adams


Many want to understand the Book of Revelation, but are overwhelmed by the nature and content, to include the nature of the many symbolic details that don’t seem to make any sense. 

In this new exciting book release, the author has made it possible  to understand the Book of Revelation.  This is not a hard to understand book, but one that will take dedication and time to digest.  The author has put forth an incredible study into this book of the Bible and reveals that it is really an exciting book that we all should put aside time to study.  Here and now in our day and time, we may very well being seeing the pages of this book unfold before our very eyes – with that thought in mind - hold on tight, get comfortable and delve into a book that is worth the study and exploration. 

Title: Revelation: A Fresh Perspective
By: Larry Adams
Review Date: August 29, 2014
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Additionally, the book offers a fresh perspective that will provide a better understanding of John’s revelation without a lot of theological dogma that most can’t understand.  This book is one that doesn’t take a college degree to finish, nor understand, and comes highly recommended as either a personal study or for a small group study. 

Get it at Amazon in Kindle Edition or paperback.