Former Pastor releases Profound Christian Book

Hot Off The Press 
A CBM Author Press Release

Wonderfully written. There’s No One Like Jesus by Blake Western takes readers on a discovery of Who Jesus was and IS – His miracles, His salvation, His Majesty – There is no one that can compare to Jesus! He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Through Him the universe was created and is held together by His power. Discover His birth, His life, His ministry and what that means to you.  He is the one True God.  He created you and died for your sins – if you choose to accept His forgiveness. 

As a former pastor in Oklahoma for six years, Blake Western (born in 1935) has lived a full life serving Jesus. He served as a missionary from 1966 to 2000. Now retired he sings in the choir of his church and is the organist. He travels to various countries on short-term mission trips where he has been teaching a class
on the Preeminence of Christ for the past ten years. 

As one who knows Christ personally, Blake Western shares his profound insights from the Word and His close relationship with Jesus that reveals the nature of the man and God we call – Savior - Jesus Christ.  This is a wonderful gift come this Christmas season to remind, refresh, stir curiosity, save the lost – that There’s No One Like Jesus.

For more information about the author and his book, visit Author Blake Western. You may get your copy of Blake Western's There’s No One Like Jesus at Amazon.